Sunday, February 10, 2013

 ootd-jeans-target sweater-pacsun scarf-target shoes-toms bag-old sunnies-gift

scuse me as i ramble.
So I know my last post on beanie time was about how I am just soaking in the sun, which I still am. Dont get me wrong I love the sun! But I do miss the snow, I cant wait till we have snow and Hubby and I can play in it! mind you hubby grew up in Arizona so that means he has Never lived in an area where there is tons of snow to play in! so here's what we are looking forward to:
>>building snowmen
>>making snow angels
>>sip on some hot cocoa ( its even better to sip & watch snow flakes fall outside the window)
>>pictures of the winter wonderland!!
>> of course snowball fight! 
>>layering (yes I cant wait to bust out my sweaters that are collecting dust)
snow I will see you in a few weeks...
Please don't melt, we have a lot planned for you!
sincerely, two kids at heart.


  1. those shaaaades!!! also, im missing the sun so we can trade spots :)

    The DayLee Journal

  2. Gorgeous photos! I just found your cute blog! I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!


  3. Cute outfit. I love your scarf!


  4. your hair is amazing!! cute blog :)

  5. I like your outfit. I'll trade in a heart beat places with you. It is so freaking cold in here, that you have no idea. Btw, thanks for sharing you blog on IFB.

  6. Lovely hair and I love the outfit. :D
    Mind to follow each other? Let me know

    See you soon. xx

  7. Great blog:)
    I am inviting to me!

  8. I'm really loving your blog =D The layout is too cute and you are a SERIOUS fashionista =)

  9. This is such a cute look. Laid back but so fun! I love the sun too...Minnesota girl living in NC now. I don't know if I miss the snow yet :-)


  10. Lovely outfit and a great blog!



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