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Friday, February 22, 2013

 I miss North Carolina, maybe its the way the air felt, the humid heat hits you right when you walk outside, my hair was so curly! never a bad hair day! Some of the best memories were made in NC. The best kind where you wish you could go back and relive them, cause thats how good it was. The beach was my favorite part. Husband and I would go to the beach almost every weekend, It was a getaway for me. A way to release my stress, a way to breath in the saltiness of the sea, and feel the warm sun on my skin. Husband never got why I loved it so much. I guess there is no way to really explain it you just have to be there and experience it. It's almost healing. The sound of the waves and the birds chirping. it was my relaxation time.

 My favorite time was when my momma and my brother came down from good ole' Michigan. They have never flew anywhere and this was their fist experience in a new state. I remember picking them up from the airport like it was yesterday, I loved seeing them. I missed them so much, & I couldn't wait to show them I was all grown up! I had a house! my first house, with the man I love and they were about to see it, and stay with me for a whole week! the excitement set in as we walked threw the doors, I still remember the smell of that house, again no way to explain it. I think we went 6 months without visitation. Annnnd that's a looong time. to me. We had tons of fun. we showed them all the ocean had to offer, we went out to The best seafood restaurant in town and laughed a lot. Wishin I had some of that NC time right about now.


  1. Hi there! I love your blog and love NC! That beach house looks super cute. Thanks for sending me your links on IFB. I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to see more posts from you.

    1. Loving your blog dear!!! I just followed you, tanks for sharing your link at ifb !!!!


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