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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 Macy may


 and of course chevy
so husband and I are sitting on the floor and we look around the room and notice allll the animals are in here. Im studying them over carefully as I grab my camera I notice a pattern..they are all black and white animals! Weiirdd.

 we will start with Gary, an Alaskan cat who was rescued minutes before being put down. And is now Everyone's favorite kitty cat with the loudest purr you will ever hear, & paws so big, white, and fluffy. hes simply awesome I mean look at them whiskers!

 thenn you got Macy may, calm cool and collective. she rarely gets hyper but when she does, man that girl can play! I love that when you stop petting her she follows you around the room and puts her paw on you cause she wants more! the other day I pet her, got up went to get a sweatshirt out of the closet and I look down and she is sitting at my feet waiting. cuddle bug.

Then there's the piggy bear! My babe. What can I say look at those teeth. Smiling for the camera. I love her and all her wheeks she makes when she gets excited and hops around the cage like hearing me talk is the bestest thing shes ever heard. (dont you make fun, just get a pig and see for yourself.)

alas chevy. mr. happy. If hes not in our room hes outside playing with his bucket. Most of the time he is in our room because is fascinated by lights. yah lights. ya know like flashlights camera flash, cell phone & his latest obsession my mouse with the blue light under neath, he loves that thing and will nudge it until he sees a light. hes such a good doggy.

 I love all these fur balls! most of all that they are all black and white. perhaps the best animals are black and white? no? ( maybe just to me)


  1. Lovely pets! love it, I am a new follower!

  2. They are so cute! This weekend I am going on Safari so I hope to see some black and white zebras :D

  3. I am crazy about animals, and your pets are so adorable, love them! I have a black dog and a white cat.
    Great pics!!


  4. have such cute pets..we love your blog..following now GFC, FB & Pinterest..Happy Valentine's Day!



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