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Friday, February 8, 2013

ootd:jeans-target, shirt-old moccasins-gift necklace-gift bag-old- beanie-stole from hubb

 I love that little piggy, more than he even knows!! And he loves being outside so what better day then when its 75 and sunny! A lot of states got a ton of snow last night! Michigan for example (where I'm from, in case you didn't know.) now ya do :) they got ten inches! TEN! I do miss when it would snow like that!! I miss snow. Never thought I would. Luckily the state we are moving to has a lot of it! so that means it will seem like Christmas again. No snow on Christmas is just, not christmas. So plenty of that to look forward to! till now Hubbs and I enjoy sunny Arizona, in fact we ate outside in my short sleeve with the sun beaming on my face. (no bragging or anything) but don't mind if I do soak it up before I move which is approximately 3 weeks away! three weeks people! and mind you its below 10 there.
 You'd be soakin in all you can too!


  1. You're so pretty! Love this post.


  2. Such a cutie guinea pig! I really want another one, they're such wonderful companions. My little fella passed away a few months ago.

    Really pretty outfit :)

    *following you*


    1. thank you! Im so sorry yours passed :( my pig will be 2 this year, Ive heard some live up to 8 years! but its rare! I love that pig.


  3. Your guinea pig is just too sweet! Cute beanie too :)

  4. Love the outfit! Your necklace is so cute!

    ~ Caroline

  5. Hi there! I have ventured over from the GFC blog hop. I'm enjoying this little peak into your world! XOXO Mandi Roach

  6. I love your outfit! And your piggy is so cute!:) You seem really happy!:) Wish you good start when you move to the new state!

  7. You rock the beanie, I am obsessed with wearing mine! And that hair of yours is amaze! love your style!

  8. Your pig is adorable! Love the beanie! I'm currently obsessed with my hubby's collection.

    Newest follower :)
    Laurie Brotherton


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