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Thursday, February 7, 2013

>> SO we were on a mission to get this book "blog Inc." that I heard was good from a new blog I have recently started following she has amazing posts! and great tips on how to edit your blog like a pro! she also will design your blog as well if you in need of a makeover! you can check her out Here this book is everything you need to know about blogging and I cant wait to read it! I figured I should pick something up that was interesting while hubby leaves for training for a few weeks, ya know to pass the time? I have a feeling I'm going to read this within a few hours! It already seems so interesting and has tons of how to's and what not to do's.
 I'll be sure to update once it's read!
  >>ootd: jeans-target, animal blouse-target, boots-old navy, bag-old, glasses-claire's


  1. Cant wait for an update! Need to check it out too, since I go to Barnes & noble so much :)

  2. Really cute outfit! I too love hanging out in bookstores. a part from blogs, i prefer an actual book to a download.

  3. Love the "smart" outfit ;)
    Kristina xx

  4. cute outfit! you can definitely rock those glasses! found your blog through IFB! following now! :)


  5. oh goodness, you are too cute. not sure how i found your blog but so glad that i did.

    following :)

    The DayLee Journal

  6. Aren't you just the cutest thing! Love the glasses. I got your email and I'm writing back. :)

  7. i have the same book, it's amazing!! and your outfit is amazing. so comfortable but done up at the same time. bravo!!! haha

    new follower :)

    1. thank you!!
      I have yet to read it and I cant wait!!

  8. Great outfit! I love pairing red lipstick lately, it always adds a fresh element to your wardrobe!

  9. Um, you are super adorable :)



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