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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

today calls for: 
>>snuggles with mill.
>>lounging in husbands clothes 
(7 more days guys!)
>>slurpin on a orange,banana, peach smothie
>> being absolutely lazy with zero motivation.
sounds like a great Wednesday.

a little recipe

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

These are probably the easiest things to make!
 I always find myself going back to make these time and time again. 
The best part is it can feed as many as you'd like! If your hungry and craving some pizza just pop these babies in for ten minutest and wahhh- la!
now that husband is gone and its just me to eat all alone I mostly go to cereal..for breakfast. lunch. and dinner.. shhhhh

reminissin on NC

Friday, February 22, 2013

 I miss North Carolina, maybe its the way the air felt, the humid heat hits you right when you walk outside, my hair was so curly! never a bad hair day! Some of the best memories were made in NC. The best kind where you wish you could go back and relive them, cause thats how good it was. The beach was my favorite part. Husband and I would go to the beach almost every weekend, It was a getaway for me. A way to release my stress, a way to breath in the saltiness of the sea, and feel the warm sun on my skin. Husband never got why I loved it so much. I guess there is no way to really explain it you just have to be there and experience it. It's almost healing. The sound of the waves and the birds chirping. it was my relaxation time.

 My favorite time was when my momma and my brother came down from good ole' Michigan. They have never flew anywhere and this was their fist experience in a new state. I remember picking them up from the airport like it was yesterday, I loved seeing them. I missed them so much, & I couldn't wait to show them I was all grown up! I had a house! my first house, with the man I love and they were about to see it, and stay with me for a whole week! the excitement set in as we walked threw the doors, I still remember the smell of that house, again no way to explain it. I think we went 6 months without visitation. Annnnd that's a looong time. to me. We had tons of fun. we showed them all the ocean had to offer, we went out to The best seafood restaurant in town and laughed a lot. Wishin I had some of that NC time right about now.

what Im loving!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Untitled #128

1. We are young T-here
2. Pillows
3.quilt- UO
4. Tribal scarfs-similar
5.fringe bag-here
6.tom wedeges here
7. gold bracelet
8.hunter boots -here

sunny day

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ahhh! sun in my face chevy boy in my lap and a book in my hand. Great day for a Tuesday, missing my babe though! I'm so proud of that man & I miss him to pieces. Trying to have a good time over here, starting with my book I posted about here IF you are thinking about starting a blog or already blog and are just looking for something to read, This book is great for starters! It has everything you need to know and I seriously almost finished it today but had to stop myself, cause I need to remember hubs is gone for another 2 weeks and its only day 2. 
Is it March yet?

da boyz

Monday, February 18, 2013

 Just a little recap over the weekend at da boyz! We both got the fettuccine & ate with everyone in our own room. Which was surrounded by old photos of the rat pack, frank,Elvis and some other famous peeps. 
We celebrated Husband on getting his new job! which requires out of state training in big big cities is worth celebrating! Sad to be with out him, & when he comes back to Arizona we are off. Off to new exciting things, off to a new town , a new state, off to see snow, snow!! off to explore, off  to start a life in the "grown up" world. So here is  to you new state & husband! So proud of you & cant wait to see what this new place has to offer we hear you are beautiful!


Friday, February 15, 2013

 ootd: shirt-target jeans-target scarf- (actually a poncho) f21 beanie-hubs boots-old navy clutch-Louis V bangels-f21

 happy Friday! hope everyone has a good weekend, I am going to be enjoying  the next 3 days with husband till march!

Valentines Day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

 Happy valentines day!!! 
I use to not celebrate this day. 
Im glad I get to celebrate it with my husband!
I was not expecting anything.
Heres how it went.
I woke up.
Rolled over.
husband walks threw the door.
(he took the motorcycle so he had a backpack on & i see roses sticking out)
my jaw drops.
So he pulls them out of the backpack.
then I inhale the smell
there's another bag
its headphones that I have been wanting.
( I love music)
wait one more thing..
the best thing...
ed sheeran cd!! 
If you haven't heard his lovely voice
there is a video down bellow!


for the love of black and white animals...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 Macy may


 and of course chevy
so husband and I are sitting on the floor and we look around the room and notice allll the animals are in here. Im studying them over carefully as I grab my camera I notice a pattern..they are all black and white animals! Weiirdd.

 we will start with Gary, an Alaskan cat who was rescued minutes before being put down. And is now Everyone's favorite kitty cat with the loudest purr you will ever hear, & paws so big, white, and fluffy. hes simply awesome I mean look at them whiskers!

 thenn you got Macy may, calm cool and collective. she rarely gets hyper but when she does, man that girl can play! I love that when you stop petting her she follows you around the room and puts her paw on you cause she wants more! the other day I pet her, got up went to get a sweatshirt out of the closet and I look down and she is sitting at my feet waiting. cuddle bug.

Then there's the piggy bear! My babe. What can I say look at those teeth. Smiling for the camera. I love her and all her wheeks she makes when she gets excited and hops around the cage like hearing me talk is the bestest thing shes ever heard. (dont you make fun, just get a pig and see for yourself.)

alas chevy. mr. happy. If hes not in our room hes outside playing with his bucket. Most of the time he is in our room because is fascinated by lights. yah lights. ya know like flashlights camera flash, cell phone & his latest obsession my mouse with the blue light under neath, he loves that thing and will nudge it until he sees a light. hes such a good doggy.

 I love all these fur balls! most of all that they are all black and white. perhaps the best animals are black and white? no? ( maybe just to me)


Sunday, February 10, 2013

 ootd-jeans-target sweater-pacsun scarf-target shoes-toms bag-old sunnies-gift

scuse me as i ramble.
So I know my last post on beanie time was about how I am just soaking in the sun, which I still am. Dont get me wrong I love the sun! But I do miss the snow, I cant wait till we have snow and Hubby and I can play in it! mind you hubby grew up in Arizona so that means he has Never lived in an area where there is tons of snow to play in! so here's what we are looking forward to:
>>building snowmen
>>making snow angels
>>sip on some hot cocoa ( its even better to sip & watch snow flakes fall outside the window)
>>pictures of the winter wonderland!!
>> of course snowball fight! 
>>layering (yes I cant wait to bust out my sweaters that are collecting dust)
snow I will see you in a few weeks...
Please don't melt, we have a lot planned for you!
sincerely, two kids at heart.

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