magical land.

Monday, January 21, 2013

  SO, hubby and I found this escape destination which happens to be just down the road from the house!! how we found this place? with me yelling "stoooopppppp!!!! and hubby slamming on the breaks saying "whatttttt?" me: OMG look it has a trail! and palm trees! can we come back? can wee?/ me sounding like a little kid, hubs just laughs; ha hahaha. Im in aw over here pulling up to this magical little land thats always been just a walk away, we probably driven past it a dozen of times! which leads to a trail filled with palm trees! we deffinatley will be walking down here more often!

  my outfit for today, which is casual   lazy. I have my leather jacket, California love shirt on, some grey skinnies, uggs,and some aviators. to complete my no work monday day. which consisted of a whole lot of boring and laziness. which is always good!

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