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Saturday, January 12, 2013

 outift: faux leather coat- papaya blouse-target jeggings-JCP boots-old navy

 Just a quick outfit today from yesterday, Im feeling sick. stuffy nose and all glad i have today off to recover and sleep and be lazy all day! these days are the best so this is my pick me up to make me feel better. sad I know. and if you heard me talk right now i would probably sound like a man. even better.

I love my hubbyyy soooo much! our life as of late consists of how we are going to fit our things in our car to a state that's 15 hours away! no stress right? right. whatever doesn't fit we will just throw away? sure. start new ya know. no. In other words we cant wait to move! not to mention get a new addition to our family and include a lil wiggle but in our life! We have been waiting 2 long years to finally get a pup. And boy when hubby surprises me with it I think know I will cry. that is all I have for now bye bye now.

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