Tuesday, November 27, 2012

 shirt- nollie grey tee. Jeanslevi leggings Boots- payless purse-the sak.similar here

high of 75 today in AZ, 
mountain view. on the way to breaking dawn, which was very good! Its a must see. I don't get all into those movies but they have been pretty good. 

I kept it comfy casual today, in my grey tee. my new skinny Levis, and my fake knit uggs that are my fave! oh and a top knot or messy bun on my head. tested out my camera on some close ups of a bumblebee it took a min to focus but i got some cool  shots I think practice,practice,practice.. He is blending in a tad in the flowers but hes there!

 dinner then sleep.

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