wool sweater in arizona?

Friday, October 26, 2012

sweater-old navy flannel-Charlotte rouse black skinniest-target boots-old navy bag-?

never ever will I ever wear a wool sweater to work even if the arizona weather is 69 degrees outside, I learned its a trick. Yes,"hi im 69 degrees outside here to fool you so in the afternoon I am back to my noraml 95 degrees and you can sweat your tots off at work today while I laugh ..ha ha ha hahaha."

seriously My work has ac but still my god I run everywhere back and forth back and forth and I am sweating with in the first five minutes of being there. I tell you what. I-learned-my-l-e-s-s-o-n. enough about my sweater issues and being so hot Im about to pass out! mind you I layerd today and wore flannel with a WOOL sweater and some skinnies and some boots, I should have known I was going to be hot! and I should have took my sweater off while at work but then I dont think my outfit would have looked right ya know? It would have been off balance somehow....

sooooooo I shall sit here and draw some awesome under the sea pictures with my sister in law and waste the rest of the night away cuddling with husband and lay in bed with the window open!! sayyy whaaaaaaaatttttt?? arizona is cooling down I say! well as of the mornings and late at night afternoon is still a tad tosty but hey I can actually say I wake up freezinnngg in the middle of the night, hey,im not complaining;)

I like my coldnessness..

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