pumpkin patch

Sunday, October 21, 2012

this is Loretta and her rabbit who is 6, & will be me in 20 years with a furry friend im sure!

sooooo its still about 95 degrees outside, does not seem like fall to me at all but the good ol' trip to the pumpkin patch made me feel a little better about the fall time, it just needed to be about 30 degrees cooler, and a hot apple cider in hand would have made it eveeeeen betterrr! BUT needless to say it was fun! I enjoyed the sunset over the palm trees, then it made me feel alooott better about the sun being out and it being hot rather than cold and got me thinking id rather be hot then cold... anywho,..

 I got to test out my Nikon which I have been waiting to do, and just scroll back up a sec, and would you take a second look at that beouuutymous picture of the sunset in the trees, and might I just add it was taken in the car, as the car was moving,with the windshield being just a tad dirty Id say it turned out pretty good :) and is now as of this moment my favorite picture!

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