its october!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm so excited its October! not so excited its still 100 degrees out everyday! It will start cooling down soon.I hope. My favorite time of year is this time right now!! I cant wait to dress up for Halloween and eat fun foods and sip on some warm apple cider,and pull out all of my cozy fuzzy sweaters,and all of my boots that are in the back of my closet right now,collecting dust.

  I love the fall time, I'm from Michigan and over there right now we have seasons, all four seasons. which I could have done without when I lived there but now that I don't, I miss the seasons. Leaves are changing all pretty colors, its getting cold, in the low 60's and 40s at night,if you ask me that's PERFECT fall weather! I'm so excited to start using my oversize mugs that mom got us for Christmas last year!

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