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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Husband and I have been wanting to go to the animal farm, finally today was kind of cooler to go and venture out,I didnt care if 80 degrees was considered cooler to the arizona heat, I have been dying to get my uggs out! and thats what I did, along with a flannel cause it makes me feel like fall is here even if its hot outside ok.

I loved the donkey's they were the best! I pet them both and fed them both, and when I quit petting them they would nudge their heads threw the fence so I would pet them some more! awwww! husbands fave was the zebra, he had super duper long whiskers that tickled our hands as we fed him, I managed to get some funny faces he was making when he was eating!

Then there was the water buffalo, but since they just got shaved, they looked more like cows, lol I was on my knees almost touching the animal poo just to get that shot of the "buffalo" with his slimy tongue in his nose! talk about talent! speaking of talent ( mom if your reading close your eyes and just pretend you didn't read anything I am about to type) ok,..scroll back see that picture of shadows on a motorcycle? driving against the wind so "her" hair would blow? who are those peeps you ask... yup. that's hubby and I, I had my purse fave purse! on my lap on the bike and I was looking around at everything, cause that's what people who ride on the back do they look around, and I saw our shadows and really wanted to get a pic so I reallllyyy carefullyyy took it :) and I am proud of it. Oh and we saw a helicopter landing on the military base, and I got some pics of that to.( sowie ma)

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