Wish List

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wish List
So My BIRTHDAY is coming up and I decided to create a "wish list" of things that I love,including a beautiful Steve madden bag a plum bold lipstick,a chunky cozy knit scarf,hunter boots,duck boots,&brown boots ( shoes much?) grey jeggings, which will be oh so comfy and i can tell I will be wearing a lot of you! aaaaannnnndddddd....(drum role please!) a Nikon camera! that i have been eying since umm idk about a year now! Honestly I been to afraid of it. I know, but its intimidating especially when your camera dumb new like me. I reealllly realllly want it though! I can learn right? Right.

J Brand low rise jeans
$335 - jades24.com

Hunter wellington boots
$135 - johnlewis.com

Circle scarve

Ellis Faas lip makeup
$35 - liberty.co.uk

Women's Duck Boots

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