Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I know the first drawing is unfinished, I tend to do that I work on drawing something then I go back to it, most the time I do, sometimes I don't. I have to be in that artsy mood ya know? anywhooo My papa always drew the best Indian pictures if you ask anyone, they will tell you. He was an amazing AH-mAy-Zing artist and I hope to be as good as him one day! 
"practice makes perfect"
 I could never draw "realistic" or anything close to it! I use to just draw cartoons, and random things, till one day I decided to try to draw realistic, and im glad I did, I love the shading and the twists you can make to make it your own our the in vision you have come to life with just a 5b pencil, a blending stump, and a blank piece of paper, your mind is officially set free.

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  1. Cheals, I'm so proud of you, you are so talented, you are an amazing artist, papa would be so prod of you!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
    Love Ya Mom :)


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