Happy Birthday Papa Boo Boo

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yesterday was your birthday! I  know that everyone misses you,especially my dad and Ang, there was a "blue moon" which was pretty neat! considering I have never seen one. Was special cause it was on your birthday,you passed way to soon and to quick for anyone to understand.What I do understand is that you were an amazing artist and I hope to be as good as you someday,you inspire me so much! I thank you for teaching me how to draw, and laugh, and sing Lucy in the sky with diamonds in your black and white tiled,retro kitchen with all the grand kids dancing and laughing by your side, memories will never be forgotten especially when you would take me on motorcycle rides on your Harley I remember always feeling free on the back of that.Words cant explain how much we all miss you. I love you so soooo much to the moon and back,always in my heart. Kisses and a Biiiiig hug!

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