Gun Show and Vintage Signs

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Outfit of the day, boyfriend jeans,obey shirt,flip flops and my fave purse evverrr,by the sak!

We went to the gun show today. Looked around mostly, my favorite part was on the way out finding a vintage sign stand! They had all kinds of signs my favorite was the pin-up section. We love Marilyn Monroe! Who doesn't! sooooo we just so happen to come across an old vintage sign with Ms. Monroe on it. We haddd to buy it! I love it, its a medal sign rather then a( paper poster) which I love! Walking in to go the the gun show there were these statues outside the doors, of ladies (naked) dancing by a waterfall, I thought they were so peaceful looking. When you buy your tickets to go in, they stamp your hand. We got a smillleeyy face, and snapped a pick. Might I add how BIG hubby's hand is compared to mine! ridiculous.

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