football and bears?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cardinals VS Eagles game on Sunday! It was hubby's and my first experience at a REAL NFL game! Overall we had so much fun, the cardinals won,and Fitzgerald was on fiiiiaaaa! We will be booking more tickets for more cardinal games in the future! The stadium was closed off from the Arizona heat, and I was actually a bit cold in the stadium. It was a nice get away for a few hours, although we did drive a total of 8 hours in one day! which was tiring before we headed back home we went to Black Bear Diner, and Husband got the "cookies & cream" shake and spaghetti as his meal of course, I got myself the most amazing french toast in the worllldd it was actually a cinnamon roll cut in half and cooked in egg batter, and some crunchy bacon just how i like it!(sorry no picture,I was to hungry) We raced the sunset on the way home and I got an awesome picture of the cactus in the sunset! try taking pictures in a fast moving would have never guessed right?

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