Sunday, September 9, 2012

Title reads (omygosh) in other words.
 SO EXCITED! Mac will be releasing a Marilyn Monroe collection this coming fall of 2012!The release date is still not available. As you allll know how much husband and I love Ms. Monroe I am beyond excited I cant wait! I'm most excited for the lipstick! They have a gorgeous variety and that's not even half of it! There is blush,lashes,eye shadow,lip pencils,brow marker/liner,and nail polish! Plus soooo soooo much more! I can tell this collection is going to be amazing!( I mean look at her LOOK at her!) she is gorgeous,flawless,simply perfection! Her makeup is always pin up esque, and vintage, fresh faced and that signiture winged liner and bold red lip! (and of course her beauty mark!) Want me to let you in on a secret? welllll I read that "back then" to get that "highlighted look" they would put Vaseline on where they want the light to hit and snap a pic! now don't go running off slapping some of that on your face for everyday! it will come out greasy and you'll just look silly!

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