Saturday, September 8, 2012

Da Boyz for a date with the hubby! Da Boyz is a realllyy cool old fashion restaurant  here downtown. They have an ALL Marilyn Monroe room (hubby's favorite) and an all Elvis room. There are pictures throughout the restaurant of Marilyn  everywhere. I managed to snap one pic of her and some other famous faces.

 They are mostly known for their pizza but we wanted pasta! I had the fettuccine Alfredo and husband had spaghetti (as always) It was deliciiiouss! Half way threw the meal hubby said save some room for dessert, by then my plate  was already gone! I couldn't believe I ate alllll that yummy pasta! (I was hungry starving!) anywhooo we were off to Cold stone for some dessert! I got a cake pop covered in sprinkles,husband got a mint chocolate chip shake! We ended the night with a foot-popping kiss and some snuggles.

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