Wednesday, September 26, 2012

 1. went to AH-SO for dinner with the family,I had grilled shrimp/chicken and veggies.

 2. they have the besssttt mushroom soup with chives.
3. this was our amazing chef! He first said "you to skinny you need eat more." I was like really? (you should see how much I eat,psh) after that comment he came back with an im just kidding "you have big heart,wish I had friend like you." that made my night.
5.  Kneaders was for lunch myyy ohhh myyy. THEY HAD pumpkin pie cheesecake!!! It was sooo yummy and rich and creamy, I could have just ate that for
 lunch and been fine.

 Husband surprised me with some flowers behind his back as i open the door,awwwwww hes so sweeet! they are called the "butterfly bouquet" I love them they smell soooo good! 
Thanks baby.

hey smarty pants,lookin good;)

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