Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Soooo Hubby and I decided to venture out downtown, we seen so many different things! I love going downtown to any city. Must say Olllllld buildings are my fave. I think myyy mossssssst favorite thing would have to be the little wedding chapel! I mean how cuteee is that!? Wish I would have known about that little place before,would have been perfect to marry at. we also saw a train, an old hotel/coffee shop which I wish we would have gone in! 

 MY DREAM HOUSE..ok well not exactly buuutt you see that pink house with the gate,and the black cast iron door.?Yeah. I know cute! Seriously looove it. I told hubby I didnt care it was pink that was even better! there were some flaws though. There really was NO backyard or pool. Here in Arizona those are two MUST HAVES,unfortunately little pink house we will have to pass ( not like you were for sale anyway) but you are very cute! but a fixer uper!

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