Sunday, September 30, 2012

this is the face,after seeing a worker catch us 
taking a picture,my "serious were not doing anything face"like
were doing something bad,we busted out laughing.

1. da boyz for lunch again
2. we were the only ones in the whole place!
3. eating a late lunch at 3:30 in the afternoon is ok!
4. Loving the razberry tripple chocolate cheescake
5. hubbys dimples make my day the hallways in this place!
8.played with "Gary" the Alaskan cat
7. I love him.

some things I have been using...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

1.con-air curling iron/waver here
2.falsies mascara here
3.bare minerals bronzer here
4. Kate lipstick target
5. stay matte pressed powder rimmel
7.hard candy eye shadow hard candy Vaseline  here

here are some of my favorite things right now! I us all of the above mostly daily except the lipsticks, only sometimes I use those with the right outfit;)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

 1. went to AH-SO for dinner with the family,I had grilled shrimp/chicken and veggies.

 2. they have the besssttt mushroom soup with chives.
3. this was our amazing chef! He first said "you to skinny you need eat more." I was like really? (you should see how much I eat,psh) after that comment he came back with an im just kidding "you have big heart,wish I had friend like you." that made my night.
5.  Kneaders was for lunch myyy ohhh myyy. THEY HAD pumpkin pie cheesecake!!! It was sooo yummy and rich and creamy, I could have just ate that for
 lunch and been fine.

 Husband surprised me with some flowers behind his back as i open the door,awwwwww hes so sweeet! they are called the "butterfly bouquet" I love them they smell soooo good! 
Thanks baby.

hey smarty pants,lookin good;)

shoes be on my feet!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OK,can we please just take a second to admire these shoes! they are called "mouse flats" by Marc Jacobs and lets just say I AM IN LOVE! I need these on my feeeetsies now! to me they look like my piggy rather than a mouse, therefore I love them even more and need them! My birthday is coming up..though I probably wont get them considering they are ...cough cough...onehundredfiftydollars, yah.. I know...buttt it gives me a reason to "save up" ok im done ranting I just want
 them. oh. so.bad.
you can get them here


I know the first drawing is unfinished, I tend to do that I work on drawing something then I go back to it, most the time I do, sometimes I don't. I have to be in that artsy mood ya know? anywhooo My papa always drew the best Indian pictures if you ask anyone, they will tell you. He was an amazing AH-mAy-Zing artist and I hope to be as good as him one day! 
"practice makes perfect"
 I could never draw "realistic" or anything close to it! I use to just draw cartoons, and random things, till one day I decided to try to draw realistic, and im glad I did, I love the shading and the twists you can make to make it your own our the in vision you have come to life with just a 5b pencil, a blending stump, and a blank piece of paper, your mind is officially set free.

football and bears?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cardinals VS Eagles game on Sunday! It was hubby's and my first experience at a REAL NFL game! Overall we had so much fun, the cardinals won,and Fitzgerald was on fiiiiaaaa! We will be booking more tickets for more cardinal games in the future! The stadium was closed off from the Arizona heat, and I was actually a bit cold in the stadium. It was a nice get away for a few hours, although we did drive a total of 8 hours in one day! which was tiring before we headed back home we went to Black Bear Diner, and Husband got the "cookies & cream" shake and spaghetti as his meal of course, I got myself the most amazing french toast in the worllldd it was actually a cinnamon roll cut in half and cooked in egg batter, and some crunchy bacon just how i like it!(sorry no picture,I was to hungry) We raced the sunset on the way home and I got an awesome picture of the cactus in the sunset! try taking pictures in a fast moving would have never guessed right?

ocean to ocean

Friday, September 21, 2012

purple sky,half moon,bridge lit up in lights,hot fall summer night,holding hubby's hand,watching his dimples show threw his cheeks,endless laughs,long talks,to end the night with a cuddle, and some peanut butter honey bread,with some sliced strawberries & my favorite pj's.

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