Sunrise,sunrise looks like mountains in your eyes.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

 Before the sun was coming up it started raining,the smell is the best in the morning, especially in Arizona where it hardly rains the sky was a purple with  hints of pink the mountains were dark as the clouds casted over them. The clouds looked so soft and fluffy.Beautiful way to start my morning at 6am. Defiantly taking another trip out there.

We went out to the old tanks from the U.S Army. They were huge! All aligned in rows in the middle of the desert nothing but sand and stone and the beautiful mountains in the background,the smell of rain still in the air, husband played photographer for the first time! Not sure if he liked, he says he doesn't mind, we'll have to work on what I'm going to do! I couldn't believe it, we been married almost 2 years, and i felt like I was on a first date with him! I felt shy,loved,adored,and suddenly didn't know what to do when the camera was on me,I did love seeing husbands face after each shot his dimples would show and he would just smile.

memory lane.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today was a good day,cozy day,lazy day, would be even better if it was a cold day. The high for today was 106,dry heat..I cant wait till it cools down.I have been craving in-n-out for a few days now, the husband and I took a nice drive around the city and downtown and looked at old buildings and the park, it was the perfect get away from the house for a while. I took a trip down memory lane and reminisced on old photographs when the husband was in the military and would come visit me for weekends, while wearing his dog tags. Its pictures like these i wish i could go back to and stay in that moment, many memories to come!

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