First Trimester Recap// I'm Back!!

Friday, March 2, 2018

With the first trimester coming to an end I'm feeling so much better! My energy levels have gone up and the nausea is still there.. I wish I could say it was gone all the way but I am not sick ALL day long like I was during the first few weeks! I don't remember being this sick with Ava so this pregnancy is so different in a lot of ways. 

Can I just say how weird it is to be back on here!! Ive neglected this space for what seems like so long and I miss it! Ive been meaning to hop back on here and I just never do the convience of Instagram has been my go to for posting but I do miss writing. So I want to start posting bumpdates like I did when I was pregnant with Ava, and that way I have it for myself to look back on before my brain turns to mush and I cant remember anything anymore haha seriously this pregnancy brain Is reaaaaaal. 


13 weeks 4 days

 the size of a lemon!

No! We are finding out very soon though! its going to be a secret reveal So look out for a post on that ;)

Yes!! Its true you do start showing so early with your second! I had a little bump at week 8! Now I look like I'm 17/ 18 weeks pregnant!

Yes! Give me all the leggings! Im still wearing my jeans with a belly band but I can no longer button my pants!

It is slowly starting to pop but not yet!

yes! normally certain smells make me sick and scrambled eggs make me want to vomit!

Yes! I've felt some flutters and some strong little jabs I thought I was going crazy and then I made my husband feel it and he felt it too so I know Im not crazy haha. Mostly when I eat a big meal baby dances around or a sugary drink like lemonade!

I do miss enjoying my food and being able to eat whatever and not worry about getting sick. thats been the biggest struggle this pregnancy. With Ava I was only sick in the mornings with this baby Im sick all day it seems like and no matter what I eat I still feel sick most days are better then others..

feeling the baby move! + we picked up our first buy for the baby! a wubbanub Ava never had one and I always thought they were so cute so when I seen the giraffe I had to grab it! Also Ava has been rubbing my tummy, kissing my belly & also talking to the baby so thats the best right there so excited to see her become a big sister!

Finding out the gender! + hopefully not feeling as sick in a few weeks! fingers crossed!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hey! If anyone out there is reading this I took a "break" for a little bit from this blog to collect where I wanted it to go and move forward with posts that I feel are special. I started this blog a while back to document things that go on in my life, memories being made, becoming a mother, our travels. & well just life. Life gets in the way sometimes and its ok to take breaks from social media & to come back when you feel ready. That's what I did. To be honest I didn't know if I wanted to blog anymore. 

It was becoming this thing in my head to get a post up, or to edit photos right away and post them at least 3 days a week maybe even more. I know that's probably not a lot to some people but it was really getting in the way of my life. I know that also sounds so silly to say but its true social media can really be a downer when it comes to those things so I decided to capture photos and just sit back take it all in and not worry about getting a post up right away. 

Moving on with this blog I want to pop in here and there I don't know If I will be posting regularly but I created this space for myself and anyone else who wants to join in on our journey. mostly for myself to look back on memories. I've lost so much documentation of Ava's second year of life. I was doing sooo good with her monthly updates and I just kind of soaked up all her moments. I'm kicking my self for not making notes or at least a journal other than this blog for her baby book which by the way has been something Ive been meaning to do! I have tons and tons of photos I just need to print them. well if your still here thank you for reading this little rant. Ive missed this little blog.



Monday, July 10, 2017

The weekend of the fourth my best friend from high school got married!!! It was seriously a dream wedding everything was so pretty, every detail her dress, the grooms tux everything! 

Julia is so carefree and loves simplicity and she is so elegant that all of that showed at her wedding everything was a reflection of the love they have for each other it was so emotional and raw! I found myself tearing up a few times! overall it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to! 

A few days before we picked lavender for her wedding tables, while I snuck some pictures post on that soon! Love you Wegener's! Love the Walton's! 


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