Nursery to Toddler room! + Before & Afters

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


 ^ this ball pit took up so much room and she barely used it so we decided to swap it out for her tee pee she got for christmas also this chair was from the hallway that was just kind of in her room for the time being.^

 its a little embarrassing how neglected this little corner gets its one of my favorites spots in her room Its a little fuzzy since it was snapped with my phone I was also in the "process" of cleaning everything out haha #reallife

another before snap with Ava snuggled up on the floor watching her tablet with her best buddy P! One thing I wanted to make sure I did was convert her bed to a day bed so she could climb in and out of it.

A F T E R:
 Ava loves to read! or should I say looking at books since she cant read yet? anyway, haha I wanted to make sure I included a space she could go to that was at her level as well of all of her books!

originally I wanted to order these ikea spice racks as Ive seen on pinterest & I love that idea! but this turned out so cute! I used an old bench and displayed her custom bookshelf my Uncle made her! I also incorporated this cute DIY tassel my mama made for Ava's high chair for her first birthday! I also Hung up some pink Pom Poms on the ceiling with Command strips! 

Im backkkk! back to blogging that is. Or so Im going to try to! Im not rushing to get posts up but this is something Ive been wanting to share with you guys for a while now and I finally put it together! It's no where near "done" but its slowly getting there this is just what we have right now! Im currently going to DIY her little Tykes toy box with chalk paint and put all of her beloved babies & toys in there so they aren't taking up space n the floor.

I do want to get her a  new bedding set for when she will actually sleep in her bed! haha target had the cutest cactus sheets! and I was obsessing over the faux taxidermy Llama! Ill insert a pic below so you can check out the latest!

I also want to get a large rug and some shag pillows for her teepee! Man.. what a work in progress! so happy with how it turned out for now! check out what the nursery looked like here and inspo here ;))


Valentines Day + Decor around the house

Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentines day is tomorrow!? omg! I don't know what it is about Valentines day but Im such a slacker when it comes to decor! I go all out for Christmas but some years I feel like Should I even decorate for V-day? I don't know maybe its just me but I feel like its so short and christmas is like a month long event in our home haha! well I did it this year! Mostly for miss Ava! and because we wanted to paint cute hearts! 

I had some pink and cream tissue paper that I needed to use so I DIY'd some Tassel Garland and it was soooooooo easy! I followed this video. I made Ava some mini garland for her kitchen & I also put on a few of my favorite pink and red lipstick and kissed this canvas that I gave to hubs! he thought I painted it ;) haha I was like paint? he's like "yeah, how did you do this.. did you paint it.? I'm like, "no I kissed it..put lipstick on and kissed it" haha he's like "ohhhh" not sure if that was a fail or what? haha I also let Ava paint some paper that we later cut into cute hearts and hung them up on our gallery wall since there is too much white going on I needed some color! Also these photos were snapped with my phone! Im going to be back into the blogging grind with my DSLR shortly ;))


Late Night Thoughts

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Guys. I've been wanting to do a  chatty post for a while now about blogging and this blog and social media in general I always feel like its something I talk about from time to time and I truly believe in taking breaks when You don't want to blog and thats how I've been lately. just not in the moooooood.

Like I have all these Ideas flowing and I want to do a cute valentines day photo shoot and make some V-day crafts but this weather we've been having has been affecting my mood! In all seriousness I honestly think I have like weather depression! its a thing! haha Like 2 days ago. two! the sun was out and peeking through my window lighting my whole place and I didnt have to turn the lights on till it got dark! I cracked my windows for the first time in months to let a fresh cool michigan breeze in for an hour and it was pure heaven! the fresh air really did me good and got me into this spring cleaning kick. but HA! HA! February laughed in my FACE! and decided to rain today?! yeah. Rain! in February?! in michigan? I knowwww!? haha

please excuse me while I go on and on about how I need the sun and Im honestly sick of this shit. but I think we get the point here haha so I thought I would get a post up beacuse I really want to blog and I have a lot on my mind right now haha so here we are. its 11 at night and "the sun will come out tomorrow" or at least it better.

end rant.

I know your seeing this today! so happy hump Dayyy! *face palm* moment when you think you hit publish but you were so tired you didnt #momlife. 
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